Week Four Weblog:




Cyberspace is a figure present within the minds of Internet users. It is not a physical being; it is a rather difficult term to define. The concept of Cyberspace borders the line between reality and imagination. There are “public structures produced by living minds interacting with each other and the real world” (Karl Popper, 1972). It is believed that the concept of Cyberspace belongs in this category. Cyberspace, as previously stated is difficult to define correctly although it may be considered “A conceptual space where words, relationships, data, wealth and power are manifested by people using Computer Mediated Communication technologies” (Lecture 3, Week 3). Many argue that Cyberspace is another form of reality, this argument stems from those who make a living from cyberspace, and find themselves submerged a reality separate from the physicality of our current lives. The problem with our society is that many people find it difficult to decipher reality from their cyber reality, with most of the younger generations being raised bombarded by new communications and advanced technological devices connected to the Internet. Personally, I did not recognise the amount of time I spent scrolling through the world of cyberspace till I sat in on these lectures and began reading the recommended texts. Almost everyday we are constantly barraged with the pressure to be online, whether that is on our laptops, phones or even at university. It can be difficult and I understand how some people can get lost in this ‘alternate reality’ where you can be whoever you want to be. Shows such as MTV’S ‘Catfish’ which delves into the world of cyberspace fakes and romances really opened my eyes to the extremities of Internet addiction, the safety precautions we must take, and the seriousness of cyberspace. Griffith University is a cybernetic system, as we are given to option to complete 90% of our learning online- including the submission of assignments, video recordings of lectures and email alerts. All in all the ‘reality’ of cyberspace is that in this day in age it is a concept difficult to escape. The only way to control the way cyberspace regulates your life is to regulate how much control you have over your use.


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