Political Choices


What do your musical choices say about your political choices? Are they related?

Personally, I think that my musical choices are influenced by and influence the environment around me (specifically my social scene). As I am younger (18 years old) I have do not have a lot of experience with such things a politics, and having to make a choice for our nation as such. Honestly I think that if our musical choices said something about political choices for the younger generation, then we would be in an extremely confusing situation.


What are the characteristics of a “white hat” hacker? 

A “White Hat” hacker could be considered a cyber hero to companies with technological flaws in their databases or basic website set up. In comparison, they may be regarded in a negative light to those the business calls “Black Hat” hackers, which are essentially the opposite of the white hats. White hats successfully identify a ‘loophole’ within a network, informing the owners of this weakness ASAP. They do this in order to avoid black hats taking advantage of the systems weakness for their own malicious needs. “The term comes from old Western movies, where heroes often wore white hats and the “bad guys” wore black hats.” (Margaret Rouse, TechTarget)


Is Wikileaks a force for good in the world? 

In regards to informing the general public of important information that we are denied, I believe Wikileaks has potential. Although in saying that, it is their initial purpose for releasing important documents that labels the site as malicious. “…However the purpose of Wikileaks’ mass publication of hundreds of thousands of other classified diplomatic communications is avowedly to strangle the flow of US government internal communications and cripple the ability of the US to conduct international diplomacy and statecraft” (Professor Michael Fraser, Communications Law Centre UTS) This can be classified as a political attack on one country, which cannot be deemed as a “force for good in the world”, especially when the country ‘attacked’ was such an influential nation.


What are/were the Australian Government’s plans to censor the Internet (the so-called “Clean Feed”)? 

 “Clean feed in Australia is a proposed mandatory ISP level content filtration system. It was proposed by the Kim Beazley led Australian Labor Party opposition in a 2006 press release, with the intention of protecting children who were vulnerable due to claimed parental computer illiteracy. It was announced on 31 December 2007 as a policy to be implemented by the Rudd ALP government, and initial tests in Tasmania produced a report in 2008. Public opposition and criticism quickly emerged, led by the EFA and gaining irregular mainstream media attention, with a majority of Australians reportedly “strongly against” its implementation.” (John Liebhardt)*.

The expense of such a ‘program’ and the inaccuracy of ensuring its policies would be adhered to caused the “Clean Feed” plans to be cancelled right after the Australian elections of 2010.


*Liebhardt, John (11 December 2008). “Australia rallies to “Stop the Clean Feed””. Global Voices Online. Retrieved 2008-12-11.



What place does censorship have in a democracy?

In terms of the pure definition of democracy, censorship does not have a place within those parameters. It is also the policy of the government and moral obligation of a country to ensure the protection and safety of their citizens. That is why censorship is put in place. In comparison to countries such as China where censorship is applied to almost all aspects of the Internet, the Australian laws regarding censorship are fairly lax.


When will the NBN get to your place? What are the benefits?

I researched my address in regards to the NBN rollout dates and all I found was the notice that: ”The NBN rollout has not started in your area yet”. Broadband is supposed to be more efficient and available to everyone with access to Internet. Whether they are in the heart of the city, or in the middle of a rural town- you are promised a connection to broadband quality Internet at a cheaper and much faster rate.


Look up the Queensland or Australian Hansard to find the last time your local member spoke in parliament.

 The last time Karen Andrews spoke in parliament was on the 27th August 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.02.19 PM 


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